Wednesday, December 12, 2007

float your boat.

miroslav tichy likes photography (who doesn't?).
miroslav tichy likes girls (who doesn't?).
miroslav tichy likes building cameras out of garbage (?).

miroslav tichy like photographing girls with cameras he builds out of garbage.

art in its purest form. (stop bristling artfags)

the whole point is do what you want.
you'll be happier.
you may not smell very good,
you'll be happier.

this is what happens when a camera loses its job, its wife, its home and its dignity.
its true.
he does look homeless.
he also looks fairly skeevy.
but if you ignore all that,
and the dark way he is looking at your teenage daughter,
then you will see the man is a genius.
with the brownbagpaper frame, these retail at $10K.
this one is called,
"pink on the outside too."
i pose the question to you...
you're 14 years old
you're laying out in your black satin bikini...
when you hear some grunting from the bushes...
next thing you know,
out jumps the fisher king.
he says something unintelligible(he's czech.),
then he points a piece of garbage at you,
he smiles.
then he moans a little
diving back into the bushes
never to be seen again.
how do you feel?
for more on chickenhawks and art, click
or just watch this.

there is a lesson to be learned here.
if you are considering getting into child pornography but are afraid of the consequences,
it seems there are 3 potential options.
first, buy an older camera.
second, photograph at sunset or in the woods or secretly.
or three, find a wealthy, credible child pornographer to fund you

and voila,
now you can indulge and get rich!

good for you!

just joking guys.
i think the work you're doing is wonderful!
i won't lie,
any negative tone i may/may not be using,
is spawned (perfect word right?) from jealousy.

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