Thursday, March 6, 2008


and another one.
an oldie but goodie.
my first major for T.I.M.E.
grocery supply chain on indian t.i.m.e.
sort of a boring subject, i admit,
that would be your problem??



As the economy continues to expand, a sort of retail revolution has been taking place in the grocery business of India. With the enormous and rapid growth of the middle and upper class, the demand for quality food products and cleaner, modern retail spaces has also expanded. Most shops in India recieve their produce after it has been circulated through a series of middlemen, or mandis, which results in increased prices and decreased quality. Some estimate 30% of all produce is spoiled or lost before it even reaches the market. But major corporations like Reliance Industries are attempting to modernize the industry but streamlining the supply chain, modernizing the processing facilities and upgrading to more contemporary retail spaces. By working directly with the farmers, organizing all transportation, creating high-end processing warehouses and opening a chain of clean, modern retail spaces, the infrastructure for success is growing.

knuckleduster's new motto...

"its better than nothing"