Tuesday, October 16, 2007


oye. theimperialwarmusuem. london. oye.
exhibition on war posters.

you know our motto here at .knuckleduster.,
"all propoganda, all the time."

listen, i'm not going to lie. i'm a bit of a war-mongerer. i believe in war. i believe in capital punishment. i believe in abortion. feticide. genocide. homicide. cyanide. i believe the military should have their way with the women of it's enemies. i believe starvation can be a political tool and i believe that GOD is a good enough reason.

no really, if i thought going to war would be like fighting dragons with a joust on a white horse, i'd enlist in a quick minute.
everyone wins.

does anyone else think this little girl looks slightly manish??
i wish i could see the world and get paid...

oh wait...poor canada. if someone made a film in which all the countries in the world were played by famour actors, paul giamatti would play canada. there would be a particuarly touching scene when canada expresses some internal anguish over his state in his world to his neighbor and allie, america (played here by sean penn! USA!). america consoles canada but then proceeds to pants him in front of mexico (isn't anthony hopkins part mexican?).
hijinx ensues.

and why is it ok to be outwardly racist towards canadians. if this commentary were on africa, i'd be visited by the ghost of john brown.
fucking africa!
who the fuck is riding a bicycle through a battlefield??
the machine gun corps.
makes blackstone sounds like a birthstone.
was this really an issue??
wasn't their people to censor and minorities to pillage??

yesyesyes. but how much better would it be if it just "shut the fuck up!"
and fuck statuory rape too. pinko.
what if vD did cause blindness?
men would be double and triple wrapping.
then duct taping the thing on.
and water testing for leaks.
and spraying it with insecticide and antiseptic.
and boiling water before drinking it.
and production materials would be limited to cow bladders and tupperware.
and diaphrams (do people use these?) would be made of trampoline material.
and dental dam would come in flavors.
there would a porn star named strawberry fields that would do something filthy with seran wrap. she would be a one trick pony but wow! what a trick.

sorry... that got out of hand. but what's scarier than going blind??
yesyesyes. but how much better would this be if it just said "buy war bonds. everyone wins."
these two are just solid.
ok. pinch the tip.
a two-headed eagle holding a sword! whoa!
smile is ear to ear.
.knuckleduster. is not a deomcracy so keep it to yourself.

canepari-proper sends his greetings.

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