Wednesday, January 30, 2008

knuckle up.

i'm trying.
i know this has been dissapointing for you.
its been dissapointing for me.
and trying on my patience.
and sapping of my energy.
and wearing on my last.
and painful to the point of...

but fuck it.
better late than never.
and i have an excuse.
i've been preparing.
i wanted to be thorough.
and that took time.
but here it is...

each week(maybe).
1 small body of work.
with a legit explanation.
none of canepari's nonsensical.
too the point.


this week.
City of Widows.
vrindivan, india.

in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh
is called the ‘City of Widows’.

This is where upper-caste Hindu widows,
disowned by their families,
come to live.
Young or old,
they spend their days singing hymns in temples,
in exchange for which they get some food
and a mere 15 cents a day.

Unifem estimates there are 15,000 widows in Vrindivan,
and despite the aid of the government and NGOs,
the number appears to be growing.

read/listen to more about Vrindivan

the pleasure was mine.

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